Select Keynotes/Invited Talks


June/ Keynote on the future of work, The ACM FAccT, Chicago USA.

May/ Keynote on Aspirational data cultures at MyData, Helsinki

May/ Keynote on the Next Billion Creatives, The ACM Web Conference, Austin Texas.

Jan/ Panel talk on ‘Driving Diversity and Inclusion within the tech industry: The Future of faith and responsible technology & AI, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.

Jan/ Panel talk on ‘Inclusive innovation: A new model for change’ with Innovation Growth Lab, BRAC Social Innovation Lab, Kings College London


Nov/ Keynote on ‘Beyond Biopolitics: Visual Digital Culture and the 21st Century Disruptive Events’

Oct/ Keynote on the ‘Next billion users and the future of design’, Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Community (EPIC), Amsterdam

July/ Keynote on the ‘Next Billion Creatives’, Dutch Digital Day, Amsterdam

June/ Keynote for RNW Media on ‘Aligning tech with humanity’

June/ Keynote on the ‘next billion journalists?’ ABUDigital: Malaysia

May/ UNESCO panel with Evgeny Morozov & Shafika Issacs on EdTech tragedy

May/ Keynote on ‘Inclusive design and the next billion,’ CHI International Conference: New Orleans

May/ Keynote on Breaking the bubble: Deep digital engagements beyond the West, WeContent: Bucharest

March/ World Economic Forum and IDEO Panel on CREATIVITY + EMERGENT CITIES

Feb/ Keynote on Decolonising Approaches to Users and Audiences in the Global South, CAMRI- Westminster

March/ Tedx Bengaluru talk ‘Do we need more innovation?’

Jan/ Sustainable Design for the next billion MI Manthan Series – MICA School of Ideas


Dec/ Speaker at Adobe Design Mix: AI and Creativity: How to build inclusive design

Nov/ Keynote on ‘FemTech and the Future of work in the Global South,’ 20th Anniversary of Nethope

Nov/ Keynote on Green design for the next billion, Design4Planet COP26 Scotland

Oct/ Keynote on future of digital and global well-being, NGO “Südwind” Austria/Salzburg

Oct/ Keynote on ‘The Next Billion Users’ for CIOs/CTOs in digital marketing, In The Pocket, Ghent

Sept/ Keynote on ‘De-westernizing/de-colonising the curriculum’ European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)

June/ Keynote for Metaverse Dutch Digital Day

June/ Keynote for the Peace& Justice Cafe, The Hague Humanity Hub

June/ Keynote on ‘Computing & Sustainable Societies,’ ACM COMPASS

May/ Keynote on ‘Next billion users, next billion journalists?’. JOLT Toulouse Event on Automation and Data-driven journalism

May/ Keynote on ‘Automation and data-driven journalism beyond the Western world,’ University of Helsinki, Finland

Apr/ Keynote on How to keep technology aligned with humanity? And& Festival, Leuven Belgium.

Mar/ Keynote for Citywire Sustainability Forum with Chuka Umunna Head of ESG at Edelman and former Member of Parliament for Streatham on future sustainable investments.

Feb/ Closing Panel for Jaipur Literature Festival with Marcus du Sautoy, Tarun Khanna, Renata Lok-Dessallien, Pragya Sharma and Meredith Broussard moderated by Sanjoy K. Roy

Feb/ Inclusive Internet Futures, Dept Festival Amsterdam

Feb/ Keynote on ‘Digital transformation and data justice: A perspective from the Global South’ at Institute for Business Ethics/Center for African research, St. Gallen, Switzerland


Nov/ Keynote on ‘Global Digital Well-being’ at Mashing UP Summit , Tokyo

Nov/ Keynote on ‘Tech design for the NBU,’ Internetdagarna: The Swedish Internet Foundation alongside Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

Oct/Panel for Edge, UNDP Ministry of Change: Innovation of Practice

Oct/ Keynote on Digital Civic Power, Partos Innovation Festival

Oct/ Keynote on ‘Next Billion: From Risk to opportunity’ for CIO Crown Summit

Sept/ Keynote on ‘Re-imagining the Global Supply Chain with the Next Billion,’ NGI Policy Summit 2020

Sept/ Keynote for Product Camp Pittsburg, Carnegie Mellon University

Sept/ Keynote on Global Knowledge, Global Platforms, Global Citizens, International Digital Conference, Pakistan.

Sept/ Public Talk at Hofplein theater with Marleen Stikker: No Place to Hide – Digital Sovereignty and Surveillance in the Data Economy

Sept/ Keynote Round table on Data sovereignty and data colonialism, London School of Economics

July/ Keynote on the Future of tech design, Erasmus Data Summit

June/ Speaker on ‘Re-designing the global value chain,’ NEXT Hamburg

June/ Speaker on ‘Designing for the Next Billion,’ IxDA: Interaction Design Association Berlin

June/ Speaker on ‘Data, power, and the pandemic’ panel with Nick Couldry and Ory Okolloh, Omidyar Network

June/ Speaker on ‘Innovation for the Next Billion,’ Centre for Law, Technology and Society, University of Ottawa

June/ Inaugural Speaker on ‘Platformization of labor,’ Department of Electronic Media and Mass Communication, Pondicherry University

June/ Speaker for Georgia Tech ‘Entertainment and Ludic Design’

June/ Keynote on ‘Education and Technology during COVID’ Education Leadership -ELT Summit

June/ Keynote on ‘Design thinking for the next billion,’ Product Leadership Festival

May/ UNESCO Connectivity for Learning in the COVID crisis webinar with Tim Unwin (UNESCO), Alexandre Barbosa (CETIC), Hani Eskandar (ITU), Alexa Joyce (Microsoft), and Zohra Yermeche (Ericsson)

April/ Women and future of work webinar with speakers from IT for change, Gojek,/ Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Asia and WIDE+

April/ DesignUp Deconstruct Panel with design leaders from Adobe,Intuit, VMWare (Bay Area), IxDA (Canada), Authentic Design (Seattle)

March/ AI Innovation, Annenberg School for Communication/ Philadelphia

March/Keynote, Privacy by design for the Next Billion, The 11th International Development Informatics Association conference (IDIA2020)/ Macau

Feb/ Keynote, Scaling up the Digital Framework, IT Strategietage, Hamburg

Jan/ Keynote, Tech Design for the Next Billion, The Software Product Management Summit, IIM-B/ Bangalore

Jan/ Keynote, on ‘Science to include everyone?’ India Science Fest/ Pune

Jan/ Consumer Intelligence, Jaipur Lit Festival/ Jaipur


Dec/ Keynote, Decolonizing privacy studies, Privacy & Identity Lab Symposium, Amsterdam

Nov/ Keynote, Next billion users, Design Up/ Bangalore

Nov/ AI Innovation, Media Department, Södertörn University/ Stockholm

Nov/ Keynote, Rethinking media development, FoME Symposium, Deutsche Welle/ Bonn

Oct/ Global Privacy Cultures, Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research, Institute for Information Law/ Amsterdam

Oct/ Keynote, Global Migration & Media Activism, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Digital Fortress Europe/ Brussels

Oct/ AI and Internet Futures, The Rockefeller Foundation /Bellagio

Oct/ Keynote, Next Billion, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Sept/Keynote, Annual Leadership Summit, Liberty Latin American Telecom/Panama

Sept/ Keynote NBU, NEXT19 Festival/ Hamburg

Sept/ Keynote NBU, Techfestival, Copenhagen Municipality

Aug/ NBU market, Annual Report launch event KPMG/ Mumbai

Aug/ AI Innovation, Global Asia research center, National Taiwan University

Aug/ NBU book talk, ACO bookstore & The Chinese University of Hong Kong/ Hong Kong

Aug/ NBU book talk, Nose in the Books &The Chinese University of Hong Kong/ Hong Kong

Aug/ NBU Keynote, United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society/Macau

Aug/ Disruptive innovation, Nanjang Technological University/Singapore

June/ AI-Powered Information Ecosystems & Democracy, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research/Montreal

June/ Diversity and inclusion, ECHO & Municipality of Amsterdam

June/ Keynote, Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference, University of Liverpool

May/ Value of Data & Future of Health Coverage: Revolutionizing health financing using mobile technology. Financial Times. Joep Lange Institute, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands

May/ AI Futures, School of disobedience, Volksbühne Foundation & Ethical Tech Society/Berlin

April/ Keynote NBU, BRESTOLON workshop ZEMKI, University of Bremen

March/ Empowered Women, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations/Rotterdam

March/ Keynote, Digital and Humanist Culture forum/Nantes

Jan/ Automating Culture, Erasmus Studio/ Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Jan/ Fairness, Accountability, Transparency (FAT)/Asia – Hong Kong, Digital Asia Hub/Hong Kong


Dec/ Data from the South, DATACTIVE, University of Amsterdam

Dec/ GDPR and the South: Zeppelin University/Germany

Nov/ Ethics in Information Technology, Universität Hamburg

Oct/ Silicon Valley’s human laboratories, University of Tampere

Sept/ Data/mobile economy in Asia, Digital Asia Hub, Chatham House/London

Sept/ Keynote, How digital platforms are shaping the art world, Belvedere Museum & Dorotheum auction house/Vienna

July/ Big data, new mobility patterns & planning practices, EUROScience Open Forum, Toulouse

June/ Talent-In pursuit of the extraordinary,’ Rector Magnificus ceremony/ Rotterdam

April/ Democracy and (Dis)Information Society, Universität Salzburg, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie and Universität Münster/ Salzburg

April/ Ludic Digital Cultures, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences/ Paris

March/ Digital Politics in Millennial India, IIT-Delhi & Ludwig Maximilian University/ New Delhi

Jan/ Digital innovation in developing countries, UCT, UK Social and Economic Research Council/ Cape Town


Nov/ Keynote, Talent Week, Bernard Mandeville Foundation, City of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam

Nov/ Databased democracies, University of Jyväskylä

April/ EUCxInspire Festival, Seeing the Unseen/Rotterdam

April/ Social Media and Social Movements: Leadership, Transnationalism and the Oromo Quest for Transformation, Oromo Studies Association/Oslo

Feb/ Numerique & Diversité culturelle [Digital & Cultural Diversity], Collège des Bernardins/Paris


June/ Communication and the Public: Body, Lived Space, and Mobile Media, Penn Wharton China Center/Beijing

June/ Algorithms, Automation and Politics Conference, ERC & Oxford Internet Institute/ Fukuoka, Japan

April/ Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture, Annenberg School for Communication/Philadelphia

March/ Prizes for innovation, Mobile Learning week: Innovating for Quality, UNESCO/Paris

Jan/ Digital marketing, Technology and the Art Market seminar, Christies/London


Oct/ Digital Media, Digital Transition and Internet of Things, World Public Forum/ Rhodes

May/ Big data Commons and the global South, the ISIS Summit/Vienna

May/ The Art Museum and Its New Publics, Museum Folkwang/Essen

Feb/ Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference, Politics of Participation, UC Berkeley

Jan/ Keynote, Digital Privacy, Surveillance and Big data, Global Communication Association/Bangalore


Nov/ Mapping Cultural Consumers Online, Kings College London

Nov/ Between Labour and Leisure: Towards the New Economy of Salvation, Higher School of Economics/Moscow

Nov/ Society of the Query on Search and Search Engines, Institute of Network Cultures/Amsterdam

Sept/ Frontiers of New Media symposium, Simmons Media Group/Utah

June/ World Conference of Science Journalists, The Critical Questioning in the Public Sphere/Helsinki

May/ Expertise In Judgment of Art: History, Technology, Law and the Market, Swiss Institute for Art Research/Zurich


May/ Contested identities for business innovation, West-Asia-North African Forum, The Nippon Foundation/Amman

May/ Reconfiguring village studies, Cornell Institute for Social Science/Ithaca


Oct/ Acceptance Speech for Social Informatics Awarded Paper ‘Digital Gods: The making of a medical fact for rural diagnostic software,’ the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)/New Orleans

Sept/ Symposium on Uncertainty in the art markets in Information evaluation in the Digital Age. Sotheby’s Institute, University of Cambridge Judge Business School/London

May/ Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: Rethinking the culture of Busyness and IT ; Cornell University/Seattle

March/ Chamber of Commerce of the Social Economic Council in Beirut & Leaders of Tomorrow/Beirut

June/ New Media in Higher Education, Jordan Ministry of Higher & Columbia University Middle East Research Center/Amman