Twitter war with Rutger Bregman

On June 14 2020, my article in the NRC (Dutch newspaper) critiqued Rutger Bregman, the historian and author celebrity on his “new” story in The Guardian ‘The real lord of the Flies’ that got much attention in these recent weeks and has resulted in a movie deal. What really provoked me to write this article … Continue reading Twitter war with Rutger Bregman

Speaking engagements in June

Webinar overload Looks like I have over-committed to my speaking gigs in June. As my travel like everyone else has been restricted, the fervor to be connected has dramatically increased across the world to share our ideas and visions on the redesign of systems in light of COVID. This global solidarity has compelled me to … Continue reading Speaking engagements in June

Launch of Feminist Labour Collectives Initiative

Feminist Labour Collectives website has just been launched -check it out! FemLab.Co It is a project funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) that builds on an understanding of communicative ecologies of women in specific sites of informal labour to explore how digital platforms can be leveraged by them to share grievances and communicate … Continue reading Launch of Feminist Labour Collectives Initiative

Webinar talk: Feminist perspective on the Future of Work

I was invited to speak at a webinar on “The digital economy in Asia: feminist perspectives” organized by the Women and future of work working group of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Asia, in cooperation with WIDE+ on 22nd April. This webinar provided an interesting and much-needed discussion on how feminism in the Fourth Industrial Revolution … Continue reading Webinar talk: Feminist perspective on the Future of Work

The COVID effect: Webinars, Virtual keynotes…

With the cascading cancellations and postponement of talks due to COVID, some organizations are rising to the challenge and leveraging on webinars to continue the conversation. I took part in a webinar panel discussion organized by DesignUP to discuss the future of design, remote working, re-skilling, ethics and responsible design by delving deeper into their … Continue reading The COVID effect: Webinars, Virtual keynotes…

My Next Billion Users book wins the 2019 PROSE Award: Business Category

Got fantastic news that my ‘Next Billion Users‘ book by Harvard Press has won the PROSE Award under the Business, Management, Finance category. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) unveiled their Subject Category Winners for the 2020 PROSE Awards honoring the best scholarly works published in 2019. These winners were selected by a panel of … Continue reading My Next Billion Users book wins the 2019 PROSE Award: Business Category

The co—matter podcast out on sex, trust, and the next billion

At the Techfestival in Copenhagen, I got to chat with Severin Matusek of the Co-Matter Podcast on why Pornhub continues to be a powerful hook for people in the global south to adopt the internet and get hooked on it, when does culture actually matter in the scaling of tech and more. 


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