Speeding into the new year

So much has happened since the start of this year. I have that feeling of running to stand still. Beautiful experiences, powerful conversations, ah ha moments, deep discussion and yet, have not been able to fully digest these times, to appreciate their full impact on me as work has exponentially increased. And yet we do … Continue reading Speeding into the new year

Reflecting on 2021 and beyond

The end of 2021 was different and yet the same. I wrapped up the year with some amazing experiences, from a wonderful launch podcast on Fragile Futures to finally the in person COP26 conference on Design for Planet. Here I spoke about the challenges of pitting digital inclusivity of the next billion users against the … Continue reading Reflecting on 2021 and beyond

UNHCR grant on Digital leisure & Displaced populations in Brazil

Am delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Digital Leisure and Displaced populations in Brazil’ project with John Warnes and Erika Perez Iglesias from UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency Innovation Services. “Bringing to light the divide in access to digital leisure challenges the sacred tenet on which the global digital project has been built upon … Continue reading UNHCR grant on Digital leisure & Displaced populations in Brazil

FemLab taking shape

What a journey it has been with FemLab.Co, an IDRC funded initiative that Usha Raman and I kick started in January 2020, right before the pandemic. Our work involves the very people who have been the most affected by covid19 – marginalized and precarious women workers in the Global South struggling to make a living … Continue reading FemLab taking shape


As the second wave in India unfolds with disastrous consequences and with my continued distance from family, colleagues, and friends in India, I am grateful that the design community has come up with a small way for me to contribute! The organization DesignUp has stepped up and has succeeded in getting an online event #DesignUpForACause … Continue reading #DesignUpForACause

My review of Wilkerson’s Caste book in NRC

Today, my review on Isabel Wilkerson, the Pulitzer prize winning journalist’s book ‘Caste: the lies that divide us’ is out in the NRC news media outlet in Dutch. Below is the English version. ———————————— Is this the ‘Book of the Century’ or a dangerously seductive tale? Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste is a bible for this divisive … Continue reading My review of Wilkerson’s Caste book in NRC


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