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Expertise in Digital Ethnography, UX (User Experience), Product Design for the Next Billion markets, and AI and Global Ethics


“Payal’s participation at our leadership summit was inspirational, impactful and insightful. She was able to distill complicated, in-depth research and deliver a presentation that was engaging and easy to follow. All of our participants from across the Caribbean and Latin America felt Payal’s presentation was right on the mark and exactly what we were looking for as our company strives to build momentum and reach the next billion users.” Michael Coakley, VP, Head of Communications, Liberty Latin America Telecom

“Payal is a great speaker, who gave an stunning  insight into a topic,  our congress attendees – most of them senior IT-executives – normally are quite unaware: How is a large part of mankind using Internet and IT, what are the needs, wishes and hopes of the Next Billion Users? Many thanks for this inspiring look outside the western box.” Robert Gammel, Executive Producer Hamburger IT-Strategietage

“Payal kindly agreed to give a talk at the India Science Festival and also join the discussion on the Keynote Panel. She is one of the few researchers who deeply understands technology and society. Her talk and thoughts illuminate how these two should interact to create the most benefit for all of us. The importance of this topic cannot be overstated and Payal’s clarity of thought is the need of the hour.” Varun Aggarwal, Co-founder, Aspiring Minds, India Science Festival

“Payal Arora´s Keynote for the FoME Symposium was inspiring and eye-opening. It was a convincing appeal to the Media Development Community to rethink their assumptions on how to work in the Global South. We really need to understand better the needs of the people we working for. We can´t just impose our beliefs on them. One key phrase for me was that she reminded us that people don’t make judgments based on just facts. That is a very rational perspective but decision-making doesn’t work that way.” Steffen Leidel, Senior Consultant, Deutsche Welle (DW)

 “Payal presented to our audience of strategists and marketing professionals with unique insights into the lives of the “next billion users”. Through her contributions, she gave listeners the opportunity to diversify their views on what users around the world are doing online and the impact the Internet and data are having on their lives. She has a very engaging appearance on stage and has a lively way of presenting figures and statistics.” – Juliane Hennig, Project & Event Manager, NEXT conference Hamburg

“Payal is one of these rare speakers that is both a great storyteller and comes with knowledge that is backed by comprehensive academic research” – Martin Thörnkvist, Curator, TechFestival Copenhagen

“Payal uniquely weaves academic rigor with first-hand stories from multiple lands – to bring compelling insights and a peek inside the minds of the next billion users. With Payal, you get a thoughtful, empathetic ring-side to view to the hopes, dreams and aspirations that powers billions across the planet.” Jay Dutta, Founder/curator, DesignUp

“Payal gave an inspired talk on ‘The Next Billion Users’ that was eye-opening for our participants from industry and academia as well as students. She managed to turn her research results into a fascinating story that she presented with charismatic stage presence.” Hans-Bernd Kittlaus, Chairman of the Software Product Management Summit, Founder of InnoTivum Consulting