Amsterdam University Press (2023)

“To bring a world of just and equitable work into being, we need truly inclusive visions and strategies. This powerful book deploys a feminist lens to do just that from a diverse range of perspectives.” Prof. Mark Graham, Professor at Oxford Internet Institute and Founder of Fairwork foundation

“For over a century, feminism has fought for women’s rightful, equal place in economies and societies. This thoughtfully conceived, keenly perceptive, and accessibly written book continues the quest, capturing the modern-day struggle of women’s working lives in a digital world. A must-read for anyone interested in promoting more equitable and inclusive labour markets — today and in the future.” Sabina Dewan, President & Executive Director, JustJobs Network.

UNHCR REPORT (2022): The Digital Leisure Divide and the Forcibly Displaced

Background report prepared for the UNHCR Innovation Services. The report provides insights to academics, industry, humanitarian organizations and the public sector on approaches and possibilities of digital leisure as a pathway towards more fulfilling lives and expanded opportunities for people going through forced migration situations around the world, with a focus on Brazil where the pilot research project will be deployed.


Rest of World (2021): Ideas Section: AI isn’t going to save us


Ebert Stiftung (2020): Technology for a social cause: TikTok and Asia’s mobile-first nations


Harvard Press (2019): Next Billion Users: Digital life beyond the West [Winner of the 2019 PROSE Award by the Association of American Publishers]

“The conventional storyline around the transformative effect of technology on people’s lives often doesn’t ring true… Any leader whose company sees the global poor as a key market will find its reality-based view of the intended customers bracing and useful.”— Strategy + Business


Quartz (2019): The biggest myths about the next billion internet users


KAS & Digital Asia Hub (2021): AI-driven anti-poaching software in Africa and Asia

KAS & Digital Asia Hub Digital Asia Trends 2021: Chapter on ‘AI-based Strategies to Combat Wildlife Trafficking and Wet Markets in Asia: A Critical Review’


UNESCO (2016): Prizes for innovation

Background report prepared for the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity as part of The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing world Paper series