March 15: IDEO, World Economic Forum, & Utopia forum: Creativity & Emergent Cities


Feb 14: The BOTS app Interview on the data analytics and the next billion segment


Nov 1: Series of video productions with The SwaddleTV, on health, gender, and culture in India — and why it matters.
Sept 1: Tech Reforms, Online Education and the Future of Work on ‘Her Story’ show

June 29: Digital anthropology for innovation, Mindgroomers Show in Pakistan

June 26: What’s NEXT Episode 8: Re-assessing value in the Global Value Chain

June 25: Arc Reactions Documentary interview by Thomas Schoen on non-essential workers of the COVID-19 crisis


Sept 19: Television interview on TDM – Teledifusão de Macau, Macau China talk show with host Karen Keith.

Dec 12: Interview with The Hard Copy and Obvious Design Studio on The Fabulous Next Billion

July 29: We the People NDTV Indian Television Talk Show: How is technology impacting Culture?

Nov 13: Interview on DW Akademie on Media Development at Bonn.  


April 21: HOPE organization Video Interview on entrepreneurship and new media learning. One minute Education.