Podcast with Speed Change Repeat

Jaipur Bytes \ The Art of Innovation: Tilly Blyth and Payal Arora in conversation with Tarun Khanna

Jan 8: Podcast with Creative Intelligence by SplashLight CEO James Ingram on Digital Anthropology

Jan 2: The Co-Matter on Why Communities matter


Dec 20: Podcast with The Glitch on Designing for the next billion

Nov 18: Podcast with Jayadevan from Turnaround on designing for the NBU market

Nov 11: Podcast with Danish broadcaster Henrik Foehns on Techtopia

Oct 14: Podcast with Chris Messina (inventor of the hashtag) and Clive Thompson (Author of Coders) on ‘Love the Problem’  with Alex Feldman

Sept 13: Podcast with Innovation Hub on Who Are the Web’s Newest Users? (past speakers include Marissa Mayer, Jared Diamond, Sherry Turkle, and Brian Greene).

Sept 1: Creative Next podcast on How AI and Automation will change the world

Mar 17: Podcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation –Spark Despite limited access, online habits in the developing world aren’t that different from ours


May 7: BBC Radio Service Interview on The Why Factor: Romance Fraud       


July: New Books in Technology Podcast: The Leisure Commons