Keynote at the ITStrategy Hamburg Summit

Had a fascinating experience at the IT Strategy Days Summit that was held on the 12-14 February at the Grand Elysse in Hamburg. Some of the most influential IT and business CEOs, CIOs, and other experts and policy makers from Germany came together to tackle key formidable challenges in their business. You had CEOs/CIOs from Lufthansa, SAP, BMW, Adobe, Siemens and more out there discussing these issues. The buzz terms for the summit was “agility, resilience and innovation” framed as drivers of digital business. 

This year there was much targeted interest in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and the digital and global logistics of operations that could help design the most optimal platforms through which innovations can quickly reach the entire organization and ultimately customers. There were 3 main strands of focus: 1) Digital Frameworks – Which architectures make IT resilient and agile 2) Innovation on fire – How companies successfully reinvent themselves 3) Artificial Intelligence – Why AI and ML do not make you intelligent alone: All systems down – Which security strategies help to avoid disasters.

My keynote was focused on designing these digital platforms for a global consumer and that global consumer is a whole new novel consumer base for many of these organizations – they are the next billion users who are fast coming online and radically reconstituting business models and digital platforms. The CIO magazine wrote a critical summary of my talk for those interested (in German) on ‘Diversity shouldn’t be an obstacle’

Am really enjoying floating through these different worlds – designers, product managers, business leaders, and media experts. Makes you realize how essential and timely these bridges are in todays complex business world.

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