As the second wave in India unfolds with disastrous consequences and with my continued distance from family, colleagues, and friends in India, I am grateful that the design community has come up with a small way for me to contribute! The organization DesignUp has stepped up and has succeeded in getting an online event #DesignUpForACause going for June 2021 where all the proceeds go to charities in India. Please register or donate if you can and become part of this vibrant design collective.

#DesignUpForACause | #DUp21 Virtual Conference June 11-20 I https://cause.designup.io
With Don Norman Natasha Jen, Payal Arora, Julie Zhuo, Stefan Sagmeister, Daniel Burka, Jan Chipchase, Jon Kolko, Surya Vanka, 👨🏻‍💻 Andy Budd, Alexander Shilman, Katja Forbes, Suresh Eriyat, Jay Dutta