Rest of World Op Ed: AI isn’t going to save us

The AI solutions championed by tech titans promise to repeat a toxic history of self-defined goodness.

My Opinion piece is out in the Rest of World

Imagine a world with no elephants. Resolve, a nonprofit committed to ending poaching of endangered animals, warns that this fiction could become fact in a mere decade, as an elephant is killed every 15 minutes by a poacher.

Intel Corporation’s AI for Social Good project is implementing a tech solution to the crisis of illegal poaching: TrailGuard artificial intelligence (AI) captures images of suspected poachers and alerts park rangers. This system is one of several, including the Microsoft-supported Elephant Listening Project, Google’s Wildlife Insights AI, and Alibaba’s cloud computing for conservation, created by tech giants. These computational networks are designed to process significant amounts of incoming security data at extraordinary speed and accuracy. Where humans fail, there is renewed faith in AI to save our planet. Click here to read the rest.